This page provides links to other sites likely to be of most interest to people visiting this site.

Dilbert  Essential humour for changing organisations.

The Electronic College of Process Innovation provides extensive resources on business change and creating customer value, many of which are public domain and can be downloaded.  The site is intended for US Department of Defence users but the material is generic and applicable in many other contexts.

The Change Management Resource Library A useful place to start for anyone considering major organisational change.

American Productivity and Quality Centre  A must visit site containing much of interest to anyone concerned with enhancing organisational performance.  Material is available both to purchase and samples at no charge.

Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey Two sites to visit to stay abreast of what’s happening in the consulting world.

DTI  has a range of material on best practices for small and medium enterprises

European Foundation for Quality Management High level information on the business excellence model.  Reports and research material available for purchase.

Gartner  A respected source of thinking on IT trends and opportunities, albeit most material must be purchased, some key messages reported as an enticement to buy. Comprehensive free on line glossary of IT jargon.

The Computer Software & Services Directory.  Search a database of 12,500 software products, a useful place to start.

World Bank  OECD United Nations Keep a global perspective through these sites.  See the OECD Science Technology & Industry pages for a balanced view of developments in IT (including e-Business) and globalisation.

Jersey Legal Information Board Watch this site to see the emergence of innovation spanning a whole sector enabled by strong leadership and established technology.

The Jersey e-Business Portal site provides much useful  information on the opportunities offered by the Island as a location for e-business.

Jersey Financial Services Commission  has material and news on the offshore financial services world.  See also Jersey Finance Limited and the Jersey Finance Industry Association for financial services related information.

Datamation Extensive news and analysis from the world of IT

ICAEW Useful site for developments in the financial world and 800+  links to sites of interest to business provided by the Institute Library.

Harvard Business School  A long established, influential well spring of ideas and insights in the management field.  Includes links and update services. Mostly to purchase.

ISACA  The Information Systems Audit and Controls Association provides an excellent source of best practices in the area of IS governance and control.  See especially the COBIT material..

International Consultants Guide  Keep up to date with developments in the field of management consulting, albeit with a strong IT bias.

The Stationary Office Obtain UK government material here, mostly to purchase.

States of Jersey  Increasingly useful information on public sector in Jersey.

US Government Statistical Resources  and Eurostat Range of statistical data.

Public Finance  News coverage of public sector financial world

Strategy & Business  Topical material sponsored by Booz  Allen & Hamilton.