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This page provides details of a range of short guides prepared for busy executives.  Each guide provides 10 challenging and provocative questions developed to instantly diagnose whether your organisation has recognised emerging opportunities and is reaping  potential benefits.  Helpful questions for the management team and references for those wanting to dig deeper.

To obtain copies of any of these guides get in touch by email or via phone, fax or mail at the address on the contact page.

The Institute of Management publish a series of management checklists, at nominal cost, which may also be of interest.  See The IoM website for details of available titles.

Knowledge Management /10 What value can be created through knowledge management? How significant are our knowledge resources? What role does technology play? Which businesses have most to gain? What are the pitfalls? How much is hype?

Document Management /10 What is the difference between document management and document imaging?    Can something this mundane create competitive advantage? What have others achieved?  How can I judge the scale of the benefits?

Organisational Design /10 Can organisational design improve performance?  Are we being snared in the common pitfalls, what else do we need to do the get results?

Management Consultants /10 Are your Management Consultants giving me value?  What do they offer and when does it make sense to use them?  Is   process consulting all I need? Am I using the market  to drive out improvement in non core services?

Organisational Change /10 Is my initiative heading for disaster? What practical steps do I need to take to head off problems?  Is good project management enough?

IT Management /10 Is my organisation getting strategic advantage from IT?  What opportunities are already latent in my systems?  How can I identify and put some scale on the potential uses of IT?    

Business Strategy /10 How does business strategy theory apply to small and medium enterprises?  How can business strategy be transformed into action and results?

Relationship Management /10 How can I put a scale on the importance of relationship management is to my business?  What are other organisations doing that we could use?  Does technology have any real role in this business?

Balanced Scorecard /10 Is balanced scorecard just hype?  How can it be applied in a real business? What else needs to be considered?

Project Management /10 Is my project going to stay on track? How does our project measure up against established best practice?